A school library is an integral part of a student’s curriculum. Our school library provides academic resources for all the constituents of the school students, faculty and administrative staff. The school library consists of a rich collection of over 13,250 books, apart from current periodicals and magazines. It has an impressive collection of academic and reference books, as well as journals. In the library there are national and vernacular news papers on display so that students can get the up-to-date information on current affairs. To improve student’s vocabulary and broaden their horizons, the library also has a wide selection of fiction books. It also has a wonderful collection of spiritual books covering all faiths.

And encyclopedia such as Children’s Britannica in 20 volumes, Odham’s Colour Library of knowledge in 18 volumes,. Joy of knowledge in 12 volumes. Chilren’s Hours 16 volumes and many set of ‘Time life” publication. There are collection of novels of famous and popular authors like Agatha Cristie, Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens and famous series of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Three Investigators and classics. Library has large list of Best Sellers as Harry Potter, Shiv Khera, Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma, Chicken soup etc Apart from this library has biographies of great leaders.The library offers the students a quiet and peaceful place for study, research and recreation and it is central to academic life to the school.

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