Admission Policy:

Admissions to LKG are open to children of every category and all communities. The child must complete 3½ years to be eligible for admission. Interaction with parents to verify the documents will be held along with the child. Selection of candidates is done by the selection committee.

For other classes:

All applications for admission have to be made in writing on the form obtained from the School Office.

Students who seek admission in the School must produce their Transfer Certificate from the school last attended, before being admitted, and in the case of candidates coming from the schools outside U.P. the certificates must be countersigned by the Inspector of the State from where they come or a Migration Certificate be produced

A new pupil who joins fresh from home or from a private school has to produce an official Birth Certificate such as Municipal Certificate, in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission Form.

A new pupil who has attended any unrecognized school in class I and upwards should produce an affidavit by the parent or guardian before a magistrate. The affidavit should clearly state:

A). The reason why the pupil did not join any recognized school.

B). The name and address of the unrecognized school, the class attended and the subjects studied by him / her.

C). The last examination passed, if any.

D). The Leaving Certificate of the unrecognized school as well as the Official Birth Certificate should be produced.

All documents, once admitted, become the property of the School and are not returned.

“The date when the Registration Forms for Admission process for LKG is available and can be collected from the School Office is publishedin the Local newspaper”